Virosh Rangalla
Industrial Design Portfolio
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Incorporating a light source, Tier pushes the boundaries of what a side table can be.

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Ideation began with explorations of different height within the small footprint of a side table. The idea of building up provided the structure for a hanging light and was followed by figuring out assembly, detailing, and CMF.


Design Proposal

The final design is a two-tiered piece held in position by three legs and peg joints. A hanging light is held in position over the table surface becoming a point of interest and providing ambient light.


Peg Assembly

Each leg has a set of holes corresponding to each tier and by using pegs, the tiers can be stably held in position. Registration notches prevent the pegs from sliding out and also lock the legs and tiers in position.


Cord Slot

A slot cut into the top tier allows for easy insertion and removal of the light cord. A plastic puck on the cord anchors the light at a set height.

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Cord Management

To manage the loose cord, a channel was cut the length of one of the legs. This channel perfectly holds the cable, running it through each tier and out the bottom.



Consideration was placed on the material choices for each component to maintain the aesthetic, structure, and cost for the piece.



Painted MDF was chosen for its lightweight and low cost


Legs & Pegs

Maple, Oak, or Teak Wood are ideal because of their hardness and weight

Material Swatches-02.jpg

Light Cord

Wrapped Nylon for its resistance to wear and tear and colour options

Material Swatches-01.jpg

Light Fixutre

Edison Style Bulb since the light is a point of interest


Scale Model

Before building the full scale prototype, I 3D printed a quick 1:10 scale model to test the assembly as well as gauge the proportion, primarily the distance between the tiers.


Building the Prototype

After building Kollar, I definitely was more confident going into building this project and thus created a comprehensive build plan. Utilizing the CNC equipment at my school, I was able to accurately create each tier, and finish the legs and pegs on my own.


Final Model

This was a great opportunity to further my passion of furniture design, develop my wood working skills, and use equipment and tools I have not used before. I am pleased with the final outcome of the model and believe it stays true to the design intent and core functionality.