Virosh Rangalla
Industrial Design Portfolio
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Utilizing distinctive form and CMF, Entity is a fresh take on the conventional 'black box' external hard drive.

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Inspiration boards were created to capture ideas on CMF and form, and I came upon the idea of an object encased in a translucent material. I believe this also speaks to the metaphor of what an external hard drive is, essentially a brain encased in a box.


Design Proposal

The final design is a pebble-like form encased in a frosted plastic exterior. Playing on the ambiguity of what is inside really adds another level to the products appeal.


Cable Organization

A channel cut in the rear of the casing allows the cable to neatly tuck away when not in use. This ultimately prevents the cable from being misplaced.


Data transfer ring

Unlike many other external hard drives that only use a single LED to represent data transfer, Entity uses a ring of LEDs. The ring allows for an accurate visual representation of progress peripherally.


Clamshell Enclosure

Utilizing a simple clamshell enclosure design, the external hard drive and LED ring are securely contained within the inner ABS casing. The clamshell is then enclosed in an exterior TPU casing. This dual enclosure design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but will also provide impact resistance.


Storage Variations

Following the same aesthetic, other capacity variations of the Entity hard drive can be available, differentiated by a fresh colour palette.


Packaging Consideration

A quick ideation of what a potential packaging option could be.