Virosh Rangalla
Industrial Design Portfolio
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A minimalist approach to the conventional coffee brewer, Branch focuses on aesthetics, usability, and enhancing the overall coffee brewing experience. 

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Target User

The target user for this project are young professionals living in urban environments. In terms of their interest in coffee, they are definitely enthusiasts but do not have the time to brew quality coffee at home.



Ideation primarily revolved around distinctive silhouettes for the brewer, experimenting with simple, approachable geometry. Once the form was decided upon, ironing out the function and detailing was next.


Design Proposal

The final design is a double-cup brewer, emphasizing simplicity and intuitivity. The design is contained within a unique silhouette.


Radial Opening

Pivoting around the water pipe, the lid opens radially allowing access to the filter assembly and is secured in place with magnets.


Reusable Filter

A two-part reusable filter was designed to direct the brewed coffee from the grounds through to the spout. By removing the filter assembly, a channel is open to the water reservoir for filling.


Water Movement

A heating element is located under the water reservoir and by utilizing a simple bubble pump system, heated water rises up because of a difference in buoyancy.  A specially designed 5-spout nozzle evenly coats the grounds with water allowing the grounds to correctly bloom.


Intuitive Brewing

Once the water reservoir is filled and grounds placed in the filter, brewing can commence. By simply turning the dial to the desired quantity and pressing the power button will start the brewing process.


Subtle, yet Intriguing

The designs overall simple cylindrical gesture and uniform materiality make it a unobtrusive addition to an often times crowded kitchen counter, but at the same time serves as an intriguing design piece.


Packaging Consideration

A quick ideation of what a possible package design could be for the brewer.