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My name is Virosh Rangalla and I'm a graduate of the Industrial Design program of Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and currently working as an Industrial Designer at Box Clever in San Francisco.

I am enthralled with every aspect of design, no matter the scale, and constantly working towards creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meaningful interactions, whether it be physical products or digital experiences. Intuitive experiences are at the heart of all my designs, user focused design contained in approachable yet intriguing forms. I strive to learn new things whenever I can, broaden my perspective, and develop my skills. Design, to me, should be meaningful, intuitive, sustainable, and timeless.


Outside of design.

In my free time I enjoy reading tech and science related blogs and news outlets, binge watching a favourite show, travelling whenever I have the time (or money), spending some quality time with my family, and capturing the world around me with my camera. Check out some photos from my travels below!


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